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Stock LIMS

Session Eleven

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Welcome to Stock LIMS. Our LIMS community is dedicated solely to stock images.

If you are interested in participating without the pressure of entering every round, please visit us at stockicontest.
Friday - A new round goes up.
Wednesday - Icons are due by 7pm MST. Voting is posted shortly thereafter.
Friday - The voting ends, and the winners are announced.
o1. In order to participate in the LIMS, you must sign up. We only accept the first 100 people, so it's first come first serve!

o2. Anything may be used in order to make your icon, except other pictures & animation.

o3. All participants are allowed one skip. However, you MUST participate in the first and final rounds. The final rounds are the last four, or when five people remain. Additionally, if you do not submit an icon your skip will be automatically used.

o4. When it comes to voting, you must provide reasons for eliminations and favorites. Participants may NOT vote for themselves. Also, please be honest when you vote. Don't try to eliminate your competition. When it comes down to a just a few participants remaining, participants will no longer be allowed to vote.